Best Authentic Moroccan Cuisine.


Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 4:00PM - 10:00PM
Sunday: 3:00PM - 10:00PM

Authentic Moroccan Cuisine

Marrakech is an authentic Moroccan Restaurant that is family owned. We provide many services such as delivery, takeout, dine in, and catering. Our goal is to bring Moroccan culture and food into the Noble Square neighborhood. We strive to make our customers enjoy our food and come back happier than ever!

Reserve our Fantastic restaurant for special occasions such as New Years Party, Christmas Party, Birthday party, and etc… Please call 24 hours prior.



Family owned and operated restaurant!



Zalook                                    $9.99

Fresh mashed grilled eggplant with tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, and fine Moroccan Spices.

Taktouka                              $9.99

Grilled, peeled, and diced bell peppers and tomatoes sauteed with Moroccan virgin Atlas olive oil and Kasbah spices.

Carrots Ala Chermoula     $8.99

Blanched Carrots sticks tossed with Moroccan Green olives, garlic, paprika, cumin, and lemon juice.

Bakoula                                $8.99

Chopped fresh spinach sauteed with Moroccan herbal blend and lemon confit.

Marrakech Deal                 $16.99

Includes Zalook, Taktouka, Carrots Ala Chermoula, and Bakoula.

Chicken Pastilla                $15.99

Layers of chicken carefully seasoned with fine Moroccan spices, rolled in phyllo dough, then baked until crispy and delicious.

Seafood Pastilla                $15.99

A savory Seafood pie filled with vermicelli noodles, and seasoned seafood.


Chicken Cigar                   $8.99

Small slices of carrots, onions, peppers, green olives, chicken, and with signature Moroccan Harissa sauce.


Veggie Cigar                      $7.99

Small slices of peppers, carrots, onions, green olives, and with signature Moroccan harissa sauce.


Original Hummus         S: $9.99                                             L:$16.99

A smooth blend of ground chickpeas, tahini sauce, lemon, a hint of garlic, and topped with olive oil. Served with grilled pita bread.


Falafel Appetizer            S:$8.99                                              L:$15.99 

6 pieces of Falafel served on a bed of house salad. Served with a side of garlic sauce.

Mama Dolma                    $7.99

Includes 8 pieces of Dolmas (Grape leaves stuffed with rice and spices) served on a bed of Lettuce. Served with grilled pita bread.



Marrakech Harira                                                                             $7.99

A National Moroccan soup consisting of vegetable consommé simmered with onions, tomato, cilantro, vermicelli noodles, chickpeas, and lentils.


Marrakech Salad                $11.99

Consists of fresh lettuce garnished with boiled potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green beans, peas, parsley, and hard boiled eggs. Tossed with a savory Moroccan dressing and tuna.

Moroccan house salad    $9.99

Served with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. served with our special dressing.

Chicken Entrees & Tagines

Atlas Tagine                       $21.99

Crispy Moroccan styled Chicken quarter with onions, green olives, fries, and served with Moroccan sauce. 


Marrakech Tagine            $22.99

Crispy Moroccan styled chicken quarter with lemon confit, onion, saffron, and served with veggies (potatoes, carrots, green beans, and green olives).


Lamb Entrees & Tagines

Marrakech In Tagine        $25.99

Savory Tagine made with a lamb shank sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and olives. Topped with special delicious Moroccan homemade fries.


Veggie Tagine                   $25.99

Classic styled Moroccan Tagine made with a lamb shank, potatoes, carrots, peas, and Moroccan herb sauce.

Menara Tagine                                                                             $25.99

A sweet & savory Tagine made with lamb braised with onions and dry prunes. Served with toasted almonds, sesame seeds, and hard boiled eggs.


Fes Tagine                                                                                          $25.99

A sweet & savory Tagine made with lamb shank braised with onions and dried apricots. Served with crispy almonds drizzled on top.

Kefta Tagine $22.99

Seasoned Kefta Tagine (Moroccan styled ground beef) marinated in a sweet and savory tomato sauce.

Couscous Entrees

Chicken Couscous           $23.99

Includes chicken couscous with onions, olive oil, chickpeas, & vegetables.


Lamb Couscous               $25.99

Includes lamb couscous with onions, olive oil, chickpeas & vegetables.


Safa Couscous           $19.99

A sweet & Savory Moroccan couscous with almonds, cinnamon, and topped with powdered sugar.

Vegetarian Couscous     $21.99

A Vegetarian Couscous made with chickpeas, onions, olive oil & vegetables.

Entrees-From the Grill

Kefta Kebab                       $17.99

Seasoned ground beef marinated with a savory Moroccan harissa sauce. Then grilled with vegetables and served with your choice of rice or couscous.


Chicken Kebab                 $16.99

Boneless and skinless chicken breast marinated, and then grilled with vegetables, then served with your choice of rice or couscous.


Beef Kebab                         $18.99

Marinated Beef Kebab grilled with vegetables, then served with your choice of rice or couscous.


Mixed Grill                          $23.99

A selection of Moroccan style kebabs including: Beef, Chicken, and Kefta.

Lamb Chops $29.99

Grilled Lamb Chops served with a choice of rice or couscous, and served with a side of vegetables.

Sides & Beverages

Authentic Tea Kettle Moroccan Mint Tea (Dining only) Small: $9.99                                                                                                   Large: $16.99

Assorted Individual Sodas (Coca Cola, Coca Cola (Diet), and Sprite).              $2.50

Moroccan Mint Tea (to-go)            $5.99

Side of Couscous               $7.99

Bottled Water                      $2.00

Apple Juice                                                $2.75

Orange Juice                                             $2.75

Cranberry Juice                                        $2.75

                                                                               BYOB Fee $5 per person that drinks liquor.

                                                       20% Service Fee applied to tables with 6 or more Dine-in customers.

Our Customers love our food and we enjoy cooking for them.